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You can now order Life's Abundance Premim Health Food for your Australian Labradoodle directly from Noble Vestal via our website!
Click Here to Place Order
Reasons Noble Vestal is feeding Life's Abundace to your puppy:

  1. Life's Abundace is a holistic formula void of artificial colors, flavors and unnecessary fillers
  2. Life's Abundance has NO Corn or Corn gluten, NO Wheat or Wheat Glutens
  3. Life's Abundance has NEVER been recalled
  4. Life's Abundance is an "All Life Stages" food wich mimics the natural feeding cycle of dogs in the wild or natural environment
  5. Life's Abundance uses high-quality proteins, a unique antioxidant system, omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins, mineral and fiber

We recommend you order your puppy's food at least a week before he is scheduled to arrive.  Your food will be conviently delivered to your front door.  
You can order whenever you want or calculate how often you will need a new bag and set it up for Autoship to deliver exactly when you need it.  The
Autoship option is great as you get added savings and can customize it as needed!
Kendra Vestal
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Welcome to Noble Vestal Labradoodles

At Noble Vestal Labradoodles our love for the Australian
Labradoodles can be seen in everything we do. Our breeding program
includes Labradoodles from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, the
originators of this clever breed. We produce the finest Miniature,
Medium and Standard Australian Labradoodles.

We are dedicated to preserving the Australian Labradoodle, by
insuring sound breeding practices, excellence and the highest
standard of ethics.  

Our dogs and puppies live in our home as loved pets.  They are well
socialized and used to children and other animals.  Proper
socialization is important to the puppy you will adopt so much
attention is given to your new puppy. While in our home we take the
utmost care of your new puppy. Your little prince or princess will be
treated like royalty.  You can be assured that the best care and
attention is given to all aspects of breeding, and that we are devoted
to advancing and preserving this unique breed. Only sound
Labradoodles are allowed to participate in our breeding program.  
Our adherence to these policies backs up our guarantee in providing
only the best Australian Labradoodles.

It is my goal to produce the finest companion for your family and am
honored that so many families come to me for their puppy